Silent Contemplations

words hidden beneath the Silence...

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Matters of the heart

That wait, that patience,
that hope for celebrations,

the crushing of the hopes,
the support of the folks,

to hope again in the morning,
only to see them drown by night,
the attempt to look happy,
where actually its the tears you fight...

a volley of emotions,
difficult to tackle,
the stream of tears that flows,
after the heart loses the battle...

the river of tears might still dry up,
but the sadness is with you all along,
and the salt to the wound is when people say,
"to whom does the fake smile belong?"

the happy couple on the street makes you want to scream out aloud,
but then maybe thats the silver lining amongst the dark clouds...


Wow Umesh... if i am allowed to say... the words took my heart away :) Keep writing awesome poems, you are an inspiration for fellow bloggers.


thanks karen :)'re allowed to say anything you wish ;)...with your encouragement, il try writing more n better poems :)