Silent Contemplations

words hidden beneath the Silence...

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Matters of the heart

That wait, that patience,
that hope for celebrations,

the crushing of the hopes,
the support of the folks,

to hope again in the morning,
only to see them drown by night,
the attempt to look happy,
where actually its the tears you fight...

a volley of emotions,
difficult to tackle,
the stream of tears that flows,
after the heart loses the battle...

the river of tears might still dry up,
but the sadness is with you all along,
and the salt to the wound is when people say,
"to whom does the fake smile belong?"

the happy couple on the street makes you want to scream out aloud,
but then maybe thats the silver lining amongst the dark clouds...


Us haar pe kya rona jab jeetna tumhare naseeb me tha hi nahi,
Us tanhai pe kya rona jab kisika saath tumhare naseeb me tha hi nahi,
khushiyon ko paane ki koshish toh har koi karta hai,
us inkaar pe kya rona jab wo pyaar tumhare naseeb me tha hi nahi...

Shabdon ki ehmiyat...

Bin shabdon ke sangeet ka guzara na hota,
Bin shabdon ke lekhakon ka bolbola na hota,
Bin shabdon ke ghazalon ki mehfil na jamti,
Bin shabdon ke akele dil ki tanhai na mit ti,
Bin shabdon ke aashiq ke pyaar ka ishara na hota,
Bin shabdon ke tute hue dilon ka sahara na hota...

Ankahi baatein...

Dil ke kuch jazbat zuban par kabhi aa na paayenge,
Aine ke saamne kahi hui baatein unse kabhi zahir kar na paayenge,
Intezar toh unka marte dam tak rahega,
Par unka inkar sunne ki himat kabhi juta na paayenge...

A Departing Note...

Dear readers,

The past few months have seen a few birthday dedications in this space. Its time for another one…it’s a dedication to this space itself – Silent Contemplations turns one year old.

It’s been an experience which is too difficult to explain. However I shall try nonetheless. It took a tragedy like 26/11 to get the real writer out of me. Although Remembering 26/11 was written much earlier, it became the first post of Silent Contemplations this very day last year. Ever since, Silent Contemplations has inspired me, rather motivated me to write more, rather express myself more. It has been with me when I was angry, when I was bored, when I felt that everyhting was so unjust, when I was feeling a little mischievous, when I was feeling a little flirtatious...I think you get what I mean :)

It’s been an unbelievable journey. Made some new friends and caught up with the old. Had a few dedicated followers who have encouraged me all along- Divsi, Shaunak, Vaidhei, Rohit, Mahesh, Kathik, Pallavi…thank you so much guys. (I’m sorry if I missed out someone)

But all good things do come to an end. There is a full stop after each sentence. However, this is not one of those times. This is just going to be semi-colon, till November- have my CA Final exams coming up, probably the most important exam of my career and life. I’m not sure whether I’ll be returning to this space; but maybe the hope of achieving something better, the love of all of you might just get me back here. Till then, all the best – One last time

Yours Lovingly,
The Silent Prince